Join Us for Embrace Life’s 2022 “First Fruits” Fundraising Charity Dinner-Theatre

On April 23, 2022 Embrace Life Initiative is honored to host Christian Creative Media, from South Carolina, to organize and bring to Austin, TX, Viable ! A unique dinner theatre live on stage! Viable is a captivating one-act play depicting a journey through raw emotion, revelation, faith, family and falsehoods featuring “Judy” as she grapples with post-abortion anger & self-condemnation and discovers a future of forgiveness, healing and love in an unusual and unexpected way.

The play, Viable, is not about the legality, constitutionality, or the politics often associated with abortion. Viable is about redeeming women and men from the sorrow, shame, and self-condemnation that so often leave wounds that time won’t heal. If Viable depicts anything, it is the tender grace and mercy that flows from our Savior Jesus Christ who heals and sets free those who are held captive to past choices.


Ticket and sponsorship information can be found by visiting: Embrace Life’s “First Fruits” Fundraising Charity Dinner-Theatre featuring “Viable”

At this event, we are asking you to support Embrace Life Initiative fundraiser by sowing “First Fruits” into our educational and healing work by purchasing a ticket  to attend or sponsoring this event.